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Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Complexity in Education (IJCE) is a refereed professional journal that presents up-to-date educational research focusing on the rapidly expanding science of complexity. The mission of the journal is to advance education theory and practice through the application of concepts and methods derived from complexity and nonlinear dynamical systems theories. IJCE takes a broad view of what these concepts entail, and they might include chaos theory, nonlinear dynamical systems theory, catastrophe theory, self-organized criticality, power laws, agent-based modeling, fractals and more.  The journal is intended as a forum for constructive peer interactions among scholars working within the paradigm of complexity, or take an active interest in becoming more deeply engaged in work from a complexity perspective. We hope and expect that through the publication and dissemination of rigorous research in this area, the complex dynamical system paradigm can ultimately enhance the scope of our scholarship and help improve the relationship between educational theory and practice.