Contents of Volume 2

Issue No.1, 2021



Complexity in Education: The New Era is Growing

Dimitrios Stamovlasis, Matthijs Koopmans

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Research Article

Complexity and Simplicity of University Students’ Associative Knowledge of History of Science: Knowledge Organisation Poised on the Edge Chaos?

Ismo T. Koponen

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Research Article

Capturing Debate Dynamics: Complexity Theory and Emergent
Learning in Legal Education

Kyriakos N. Kotsoglou

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Research Article

Cusp Catastrophe Models For Students’ Conceptual Understanding Of The Atomic Structure

Nikolaos Zarkadis, Dimitrios Stamovlasis,& George Papageorgiou

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Research Article

A Longitudinal Study of the Subdomains of Foreign Language Enjoyment: A Factor of Curves Latent Growth Modeling

Tahereh Taherian, Majid Elahi Shirvan, & Elham Yazdanmehr

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Book Review

Research Methods for Complexity Theory in Applied Linguistics

Julie Vaiopoulou

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