Contents of Volume 3(2)

Issue No.2, 2022

Complex Systems and Education: From Theory to Research to Practice. Proceedings of the Satellite of the Conference on Complex Systems 2021

Matthijs Koopmans & Dimitrios Stamovlasis


Constructing and Analyzing University Students’ Lexicons of the Photon Concept as it Appears in Written Reports

Ismo T. Koponen, Karoliina Vuola & Maija Nousiainen


Challenges of School Leadership During Covid-19: The Schoolas a Complex Dynamic System

Carlos Cosentino


On the Impact of the Self in a Complex Knowledge Network

Julian Keenan, John O’Meara, Mika Munakata, Ashwin Vaidya & Ilse Wambacq


Dynamical Systems Measures of Small Group Functioning

Bernard P. Ricca & Michelle E. Jordan


On the Use of Agent-Based Models as Teaching Tools and Their Impact on the Characterization of Student-System Interaction

Luis E. Cortés-Berrueco & Gustavo Carreón-Vázquez


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